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I am an Australian Business Executive, with experience leading and directing successful companies ranging from Startup to Large enterprise businesses with revenue over $100m. 

For over 20 years, I have led and advised successful companies across the Technology, Retail and Professional Services industries. My journey has taken me to regions including North America, UK, Asia Pacific, and Africa where I have been responsible for leading international operations, corporate governance, enterprise sales, capital raising, and training and education.

The highlight of my career to date was the opportunity to lead a family owned, Brisbane based Technology and Professional Services company, through its international expansion. Working with a committed team of professionals, we were able to successfully establish its international operations, develop market awareness and grow sales in a highly competitive industry, and ultimately increase shareholder value. This culminated in the successful sale of the business to a group of investors and an exit for the family.

I have an interest in Non-Executive, and Executive Director opportunities with technology, retail and professional services companies, emerging companies, companies seeking diversity on their board, and businesses seeking improved efficiency and growth.

personal information

Cheriece Johnson
Brisbane, Australia
+61 428 272 269


executive leadership
enterprise sales

executive experience


International Expansion

Software, Professional Services

Lead and Direct the successful international expansion of Australian Technology companies to regions including, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa.


Corporate Governance

Auditing, Government

Lead and Direct the Auditing and restructuring of processes and governance requirements for Software and Technology companies to ensure compliance with various Government and ISO certifications.


Enterprise Sales

Software, Professional Services

Lead and Direct a team of sales professionals, successfully selling enterprise software to both local and international markets, including North America, United Kingdom, Asia Pacific and Africa.



Retail, Technology, Software

Lead and Direct Retail, Technology, and Software companies in operational and leadership roles. Hands-on experience across both fast-paced domestic and international companies, leading local and remote workforces. Identifying operational bottlenecks and streamlining for efficiencies.


Education, Training

Software, Professional Services

Lead and Direct the creation of training and education programs for the successful implementation of enterprise software and technology to Private corporations and Government.


Capital Raising

Technology, Professional Services

Experienced in merger, sale, acquisition and capital raising processes. Experienced in successfully communicating the true value of a business to investors.

Executive Endorsements

“Cheriece is a fabulous communicator and a motivated worker. She has¬†assisted in transforming and improving all of the businesses with which she has worked. Cheriece operates with integrity, care and¬†intelligence. I would recommend her highly for any position for which her sills are suited”


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